"The seeds of both my books were sown in October of 1987. I was the founder and president of my own independent investment advisory firm, and had developed a set of market indicators for each of the three major markets: stocks, bonds, and gold. Suddenly my stock and bond indicators plunged into sell territory. I picked up the phone and instructed the no-load mutual fund family: “Sell 100% of stock and bond investments for all our managed accounts.” Within 2 weeks the market collapsed 35%. We were among only a handful of investment advisers nationwide who saved their clients from that brutal decline. I still have the videotape from when I was featured on Sacramento TV/KOVR news, the day after Black Monday, right after President Reagan's comments on the plunge in the stock market."

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This event triggered two things. First, it confirmed that technical analysis worked far better than fundamental analysis. Technical analysis assumes that today's prices reflect everything known about that market, and follow mathematical cycles, even discounting the most probable developments over the next 6 months. Fundamental analysis focuses on all daily "news," putting you in competition with all the market professionals, full-time traders, insiders and news agencies that always get or anticipate the most valuable information first. There was great consumer confidence right before the 1987 crash, so I also gained a deep respect for yin-yang, which defines strength as beginning weakness, and weakness as beginning strength. Or in the words of fellow Nebraskan, Warren Buffett, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

This event also showed me that with technical analysis I also had the extra time for other interests, including writing a book. I was also heavily studying personal psychology at the time. And having used math and investment cycles to predict the future, realized that the same cycles also seemed to govern social, personal, and health trends. I decided to write a book, a master reference for families, for what I felt were the 3 most important things in life...some critical things even young people should learn for a life of enlightenment:

  • Money and investing
  • Self-Development
  • Spiritual Growth

After it was written, a client who was a Unity minister and also very adept at investing, offered to preview the book. He really liked the entire work, and suggested I strip out the investment part first, and publish it immediately, followed by the other two subjects in a second book. So "Forgive Us Our Debts…" was published locally in California. Some excited individuals actually bought cases of the book, to give to friends and relatives. In 1996 the book was updated and published nationally, but somehow they talked me into changing the title to "Debt-Free In 4 Years." You couldn't give it away…the name change doomed that printing. And based on all the subsequent negative experiences with agents, publishing companies, bookstores, and the entire paper publishing business, I swore off book writing and dropped the idea of finishing the second book on self-development and spiritual growth. I then totally retired from the investment world, and quit watching the markets. This changed in 2014. I had just retired from teaching high school math, and was intrigued by the fact that most book sales were now digital. It was no longer necessary to deal with all those agents, publishers, and bookstores. And I finally had the time to finish it.

After a year of thoroughly enjoying retirement, and slowly catching up with the investment markets again, I decided to finish my writings digitally. I first looked through the initial financial book. I realized almost all of the book was educational, and the strategies and financial planning were still valid, and potentially helpful to all my friends. Only a small part dealt with the timing of investments. The decision was made to update the first book, digitally only, so I could add hyperlinks for important illustrations and fast comprehension. The new updates on the economy and market timing are in red brackets, and appear almost as a newletter inserted into the original book. Updates can be swiftly found just by doing a search for a single bracket. This makes for an interesting book that allows people to read my views of 20 years ago, almost like a "Confessions of an Investment Adviser" treatise, to learn the important basics of investing, and to also benefit from my updates as to what an investor should be doing today and why. Because I'm no longer in the business, this totally guarantees the independence of information included, in an arena known for vested interests and inside trading. You now have all you need to manage your own money, based on what I found to be the most reliable market information and most successful strategies available. Using the password provided to you, friends and family may now download their free PDF copy at the bottom of this page. Enjoy and prosper...

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"…As We Forgive Our Debtors" with the subtitle: Twelve Steps to Self-Development, Spiritual Growth, and Performing Miracles, is also now available, in paperback and eBook. The same twelve steps, so successful with Alcoholics Anonymous, have been successfully adapted to dozens of other compulsions. ...As We Forgive Our Debtors is designed to deal with all special relationships at the same time. If you have friends in Twelve-Step, this guide will help you assist in their growth, without enabling. If you want personal change, this can become your familiar, loving guide. Or maybe you're like the author, who simply felt the need for a “tune up” in life. It's now time to address existential debt, as we learn to forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors...for it is “the Year of Jubilee.” Using the password provided to you, friends and family may now download their free PDF copy at the bottom of the page. To order paperback books on miracles and existential debt, click on the following button:

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The Strayer Trilogy has now been written. I would hope that every household bookshelf include a copy of both books, to provide a lifelong reference for the 3 most important things in life.

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